Chickens Are The Solution

We got chickens because two ticks showed up on our Ruth, the Rhodesian Ridgeback. Considering Ruth is like our 5th child, it seemed only logical that I would JUMP at protecting her. These vermin can wreck havoc on our health, and I suspect they have, thusI had to make sure they never trespassed onto my children.

Omi is a chicken whisperer.

I’m happy to say we haven’t seen any ticks since getting the chickens.

Best Reason Ever

I’m happy to add that a gentleman at Tractor Supply informed me that our logic for purchasing ten chickens, two more than planned and an accidental rooster to boot, was spot on.

Apparently, this spring many people were bored from being cooped up for various reason that will remain unmentioned, and bought backyard chickens as a fun hobby. This wasn’t a hobby for me. I was engaged in all out war with nature.

However, when the novelty wore out for one family, we acquired two ducks. A hobby gone sour. But my eldest son wanted duck eggs to make gluten free donuts. That’s another story for another day.

Accidental Country Folk