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About Us

Hey New Friends!! I’m excited to make your acquaintance!

Here’s a bit about me, but I’d REALLY like to know about you because HONESTLY I like creating community, which happens with conversation.

The Engineer (AKA husband) and I are high school sweethearts that met on a blind date, that I set up. See if you can guess how I managed that.

I started Accidental Country Folk, first as an Instagram account, because I’m a serial blogger, entrepreneur and InstaGrammer. You can also find me over at @jodimckennadotcom & @wisehouseoils. Actually, I didn’t think that everyone on my old Instagram would want to see 20,000 pictures of the ducks and chickens.

We found our land while eating pancakes & claimed 18 acres by just 5 minutes because the other realtor was at Walmart. Since then we parceled the land and now have 8 acres of woods and 4 of field. My Mother-In-Law lives across the field. I’m actually quite pleased about that.

I never planned on being a “homesteader.” My husband still hasn’t accepted the title. But ticks happened. Then came chickens because chickens eat ticks. Homesteading = Community.

I hated birds my entire life until I met our rooster, George Washington. In fact, I blinded a kiwi bird in Australia because I was a foolish teenager who used a flash camera. I also poked a dolphin’s eye and got bit. I guess rare animals need to stay away from me.

I’ve lived in India & visited New Zealand, Ecuador, Nepal, Canada, Mexico, Australia & Spain

The Counte of Monte Christo is my favorite book & I am a bibliophile.

I make up voices for our dog, Ruth. She’s a 9 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback, which makes her pretty epic. Follow Ruth with the hashtag #quiettimeswithruth

We were told we would never have kids because of my severe PCOS. We have four. They are unicorns, with superhuman talent. But every mom says that.

As crazy as it may sound, a weirdly named bottle of essential oil changed my life.

Because that weirdly named EO changed my life, I told every mom and grandma I knew. Like it’s so important to me I kinda ended up helping my husband retire at 39.5 because together we helped a lot of people discover essential oils.

FYI: I’m giving $25 to help you get that same oil and then some plus send you an epic package that just might contain an extra diffuser. That’s nice, right? Get started HERE. What are you waiting for? Go now.

That passion to help others, foster community, and share oils has me sending out LOTS of mail. It makes happy adding washi tape, stickers, and occasionally glitter. I am a penpal-er so sending mail out to humans I help get started with oils is fun.

I love chai, Oatmilk lattes, and I’m gluten and dairy free. Camping is my jam.

Accidental Country Folk